Personalized art events, presentations and consultation.

I have curated and / or produced numerous critically-acclaimed exhibitions for museums and galleries, as well as lectures, studio visits and other events for the public.

In 2020 – Virtual art events on Zoom:

Art in the Time of Corona, with Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen.

Rethinking Judaica with New Media, with Hillel Smith.

Not In Heaven: Artists as Partners In Creation, with Judith Cardozo and Dr. Susan Nashman Fraiman. 

A Tradition of Embellishment: Exploring the Aesthetics of Jewish Arts, with Cynthia Beth Rubin and Chana Wiesenthal Elias (facilitators) and Leah Caroline, Bob Gluck, Beth Haber, JS Horseman, Judith Joseph, Leslie Klein.

Modern Jewish Narratives, with Archie Rand, Richard McBee & Joel Silverstein





Bar/Bat Mitzvah art projects

Hands-on art workshops