Passover Freedom Mobiles

In the days before Passover this year I taught an online interactive art class at a religious school in Virginia.

Grades Kindergarten to 8th learned about Pesach, and created art mobiles. A portion of the class was dedicated to Freedom, then and now, and some of the students made objects about that as well.

This year’s Passover theme was particularly poignant, hoping that this contemporay virus plague will pass us over.

Mobiles are kinetic sculptures consisting of a number of rods, from which objects  hang. The objects hanging from the rods balance each other, so that the rods remain more or less horizontal.

Artist Alexander Calder became famous for his innovative mobiles.

My students created kinetic sculptures based on either the 10 plagues mentioned in the Passover story in Exodus, or the 6 items on the seder plate.

Since all were homebound, due to voluntary isolation measures, we made do with art materials easily found in each home: paper, colored pencils and markers, and coat hangers.

Faces blurred for privacy:

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